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Welcome to the Compleat Angler

We all have places, people, experiences, and memories that bring a smile to our hearts, minds, and faces. Here at the Compleat Angler we are delighted to share our culinary creations, our island spirit and a slice of L.A. (Lower Alabama) life with you.

You may be wondering where the Compleat Angler got its name from. Well, it is a tribute to the classic book with the same name that inspired an iconic and historic hotel and bar in Bimini. Published initially in 1653, the Compleat Angler is filled with author Izaak Walton's contemplations. The Englishman believed that fly fishing, like life, is all about hope: you cast out a line and you hope. You hope to reel in something big, something memorable. You hope that this time is the time.

The modest, three-story Compleat Angler hotel in Bimini was a frequent haunt of such celebrities like Jimmy Buffet, Lucille Ball, former U.S. Senator Gary Hart and thousands of tourists and fisherman. The connection was logical, given the book's focus on fishing and the hotel's proximity to great catches. Those very tales lured Ernest Hemingway. Renowned for turning a phrase and tipping a bottle, the writer spent two years (1935-1937) at the Compleat Angler hotel, fishing, trolling, and writing. In his book Islands in the Stream, Hemmingway immortalized the island's lucrative fishing.

On many occasions, while in Bimini and at the Compleat Angler, I met so many people who enjoyed fishing, diving and all of the things that we also enjoy here in L.A. It occurred to me that it would be great to combine the local flavor of the Gulf Coast with a hint of Bimini's atmosphere. Soon after the Compleat Angler in Alabama was born. Here in L.A., we enjoy a vast array of fresh seafood, farm fresh vegetables, pecans, fruits and a culture that loves to show off its warm Southern hospitality and appreciation of good food. It is our goal to pass this on to you. We are committed to buying only the freshest and highest quality products for your enjoyment and treating you to a wonderful and welcoming experience while you enjoy the best atmosphere in the area.

Our entire Staff and I hope you GET HOOKED at the Compleat Angler Seafood Grille and Bar!

Head Fry Cook,
Bob Baumhower




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